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Tactile unit SeebyTouch is the first development freely available providing the possibility to perceive pictures over the tactile sense. This is especially important for visually impaired people, since they cannot see pictures on a screen – they can use SeebyTouch as a tactile vision substitution system.
The ability to perceive pictures and graphics over the tactile sense opens up many applications to the users of SeebyTouch.

With SeebyTouch, visually impaired people can feel web images which have not been accessible for them before. For example, blind persons can literary feel their way through a city on a map. Thus SeebyTouch increases their mobility.

Moreover, SeebyTouch can be used in education: In mathematics it is possible to illustrate geometrical figures and functional curves over the tactile sense.
Mobile unit
Tactile matrix SeebyTouch consists of a unit movable by the user and controlled parallelly by trusses. This unit contains braille-cells serving as a tactile matrix. Dots are shown as raised respectively lowered pins on the tactile matrix. Depending on his position the user feels a part of the picture. By moving the unit the user can identify different parts of the picture and assemble the picture in his brain.
Due to its construction and its light weight, SeebyTouch can be folded handily and is easy to transport. You only need an even working surface of sufficient size and a computer. Handily


SeebyTouch in action:

A detail of an image is felt through the tactile matrix.

If you cannot see the film:

Please use an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or install the WebM MF components for Internet Explorer.

Film 1: See how a drawn pencil is identified by the tactile sense. Film 2: A detail of an image is felt over the tactile matrix. Film 3: SeebyTouch – Feel pictures – and have a lot of fun!