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Open unit SeebyTouch consists of a tactile display and a software which translates customary computer pictures for this unit.
The tactile display consist of a stationary and a mobile unit connected over trusses. A power supply and a serial- or USB-port are parts of the "stationary unit". The mobile unit has a push-button and a computer mouse for position sensing. The position dependant output takes place by the tactile matrix consisting of 5 braille-cells. In addition, the "mobile unit" contains a power supply for the braille-cells and a microcontroller, controlling all input and output. Detail
Software The software translates any type of pictures from the computer to the tactile unit. The user can choose from many various settings to optimize the transformation from a visible to a tactile picture. The software is available for almost every computer, because it is running on ten operating systems (Linux, Windows, OS X, ...).

Technical Data
Weights and measures Processor and electronic Resolution (with interpolation)
Shipping measure: approx. 49 x 29 x 4 cm (19,3 x 11,4 x 1,6 in)
Weight: 888 g (31,32 oz)
Microprocessor: Atmel AT90S4433 with RISC architecture
Clock frequency: 7.3728 MHz
Software: AVR assembler
Plugs: RS 232 or USB and 230 V power connection
Max. taxel in x-direction using biggest quadratic area: 112 (726)
Max. taxel in y-direction using biggest quadratic area: 146 (732)
Max. taxel x-direction: 177 (1150)
Max. taxel y-direction: 232 (1160)
Number of taxel using biggest quadratic area: 16371 (532073)
Number of taxel using area over-all: 40905 (1329006)